Zucchini Lasagna


My Zucchini Lasagna


“Zucchini?” you say. Why yes, of course, can’t have any of those perfectly shaped lasagna noodles now can we? I found this recipe on Pinterest but added some alterations to make it both gluten-free and low-fodmap friendly. 

Here is the original recipe: http://www.handletheheat.com/2010/10/layered-zucchini-parmesan.html

Step 1: Whip up some of my homemade marinara sauce..

Step 2: Follow Tessa’s recipe but use some Glutino (or other brand) gluten-free breadcrumbs and you’ll need to bake the zucchini for about 5-10 minutes longer than her recipe, in my experience. Try to limit the mozzarella so as to not overload your system with dairy.

Step 3: Sprinkle with plenty of low-fodmap friendly parmesan and voila!