Udi’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread

One of my biggest problems upon becoming gluten-free, and subsequently low-fodmap, was bread. No more eggy challah, yeasty sourdough, crunchy french bread, or all-purpose whole wheat. What on earth do you eat for breakfast when you can’t have toast…or lunch when sandwiches are suddenly out?

Well. Let me tell you.

When I started eating gluten-free I tried a few different varieties of gluten-free all purpose flour or other bread products and, unfortunately, found them to be either too bland or too bitter. I decided to just avoid carbs altogether rather than substitute. Easier said than done. So the other day while at Trader Joe’s, I decided to venture into the gluten-free bread world again. And, alas, I discovered the holy grail. Udi’s products. I have to admit, I have only tried one product so far, but that whole grain bread is amazing.

This morning I made an old favorite, eggs in a basket, and a few days ago had grilled cheese for the first time in a long time. Oh to have bread again! I promise, it’s worth the few extra dollars.

You mentioned eggs in a basket….

Oh yes. Best breakfast ever (if you like eggs) taught to me by a dear friend.


1. Egg (or 2)

2. Piece of bread (or 2)

3. butter or butter cooking spray (whichever you usually use for eggs)

4. salt and pepper, if desired


1. Using a knife, cut a small circle in the center of your piece (or pieces) of bread, keep that little circle!

2. Heat a small skillet on medium heat and spray with butter cooking spray, or melt butter, when warm

3. Place bread on skillet

4. Crack an egg into the center of the bread (so that the yoke lands in the hole and the white spills onto the bread) and throw the extra circle into the pan; add some salt and pepper onto the raw side of the egg if desired

Side 1























5. Wait until your desired brownness on the egg white (usually a couple minutes), then flip with a spatula and let cook evenly on the other side, just like a fried egg. Flip that little circle too!

6. Once both sides are cooked the way you like it, put on a plate, and enjoy! It’s just like a fried egg but you can eat it all with a fork and save the mess of dipping bread into the yolk (which you should be doing..if not..try it.)